Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stripe me

I have a major weakness for stripes so how could I resist the Velvet Yvette V Neck Top from Shopbop? I had a gift certificate but it's too bad I didn't take advantage of last weeks coupon. Darn.

::: Nathalie

September Issue premiers in Toronto

The September Issue premiers today at the Varsity on Bloor Street. The movie will open in three other theaters in Scarborough, Toronto and Mississauga tomorrow. What will you be doing this weekend?

::: Nathalie

Winter Wear

This years winter wish list will be kept to the absolute necessities: fabulously warm parka and hardcore winter boots. Slippery streets and bitterly harsh cold winds will mean nothing to me.

::: Nathalie

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MBMJ Flap Pouchette

I was surprised that to find the Marc Jacobs flap pouchette is sold out at a majority of online shops. I called the nearest Holts in a panic. They had 2 black pouchettes in stock. With some coaxing, Geoff finally broke and bought it for me. Of course I don't get it till December (Happy Bday/ Xmas to me!)...

::: Nathalie

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Olsen Twins Go The Discount Route

This is the fastest post on Earth.
Busy at work, but figured you should know.

Your favourite twins are coming out with a discount line for JC Penny:


The Muffs

I'm predicating it now; earmuffs on every girls head this winter. Geoff and I spotted the Burberry ones at Holts this weekend. With the exception of the $150 price tag, we thought they were adorable. But as I learned from Sweet Spot this morning, Roots has a similar pair for $30.

I emailed Diana: "What do you think?"
Diana responds: "You cannot be serious!"

Will you be sporting earmuffs this winter?

::: nathalie

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shop till you... Debt?

I find this commercial rather ineffective. The happy music, swiping of the credit card and giddy girl hopping from store to store makes me want to go shopping. Who cares if you get evicted?

::: Nathalie

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SS10 Joe Fresh - Snoozefest

Hotpants at Joe Fresh SS10*

Well wasn't that interesting?
About a minute into the collection I thought, "Oh lord, how much longer?"

Here are my thoughts:
  • Too many sheers. Sheer tops, sheer dresses, tight dresses with sheer side panels, and even, sheer coats for men. Yes. A model sported a sheer white coat.
  • Underwear as outer wear. What?
  • Hot pants. In what universe will the Joe Fresh woman pick up a high waisted hotpant (with an exposed zipper) and think "This is great. I can wear this to the annual family picnic!" I wish I'd counted how many times this hotpant was featured on the runway. 5, 18, 22 times?
  • Ridiculously tall cartoon like hats. I'm reminded of Mister Men.
  • Clone male models all sporting the same dull short, button down shirt and cardigan combo. (Except for the above mentioned guy who's clearly a trendsetter.)
  • The return of clogs! Models looked short and almost stocky as they trotted down the runway in pastel colored clogs. (One poor girl was so revolted by her footwear she actually tripped.)
  • Stiff as card board fabrics. Did anyone else notice? Oh, except for maybe those hideous tutu like skirts at the end.
One piece did strike my fancy - a classic beige trench coat with cute folded pockets and big buttons. Sorry Joe but this collection is a snooze.

::: Nathalie and Mr. Chatterbox signing off.

PS - What was with the sheer knee-high socks?

*Photo source: Fashion magazine blogger on Twitter.

SS10 Joe Fresh: Live Stream

Joe Fresh is joining the ranks of designers who feature live streamed fashion shows.
Check out the SS10 collection less than 15 mins from now!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get Your Shop On

15% off purchases! Use coupon code INTHEFAMILY15.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

F'real, is that ok???

Fashion is constantly testing boundaries. Here's another - Lara Stone in blackface.
I'm thinking WTF???


Thursday, October 8, 2009

SS10 Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen's brilliant SS10 runway show is now available online. The show streamed live this past Tuesday at 8:15pm from Paris FW (2:15pm in Toronto).

Designers are looking to the internet as a new venue, streaming live footage of their runway shows. Viktor & Rolf, McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton have already jumped on board.

Is this the future of fashion?

::: Nathalie