Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Watson

"Wow, that model looks a lot like Emma Watson", I thought looking at the Burberry ad in some Sept issue. I must be living in a cave because I had no idea she was the new face for Fall 09.

When did the nerdy girl from Harry Potter turn into such a little fashionista/ model? I can see it already - next, she'll probably join the ranks of the Olsen twins and add designer to her resumé.

::: Nathalie

Kors: The Stormy Rubber Engineer Boot

Michael Kors does his take on the popular motorcycle boot by breeding it with the same materials found in wellies - RUBBER!

This boot is the shit! I must own a pair!

::: Nathalie

Stylin' When Shopping.

The 'burbs aren't exactly known for excitement or style, so I was pretty impressed by an interesting event being thrown at Oakville Place Mall.
The Stylista Challenge was set up in the middle of the lower level of the mall. Mannequins were set up along with rows of clothes, accessories and shoes from stores in the mall. I thought it was pretty intriguing, so I signed up. If your look wins you get a $3000 shopping spree at the mall.
Anyway, here's a picture of my final outfit. Let me know what you think.
Voting starts on September 8th.
You can find my outfit under my name (Diana A) or my contestant number (#162).
Faux leather biker jacket/shoes/scarf/clutch: Costa Blanca
Shoes: R2W
Dress: Opus

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Going to Extremes

Alright, this is wrong for a lot of reasons but I love it! The Sept issue of Marie Claire features an article (p. 112) about diehard luxury brand fans that have nearly starved themselves to purchase their next Gucci or Louis Vuitton. I said it was wrong! But still... could I survive on a diet of miso soup to purchase my next Marc Jacobs? Mmm... probably not!

Apparently the recession is driving women to all sorts of crazy.

::: Nathalie

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little City P.2

Diana and I had plans last week to visit Little City's launch party, an art exhibit in downtown Toronto. Unfortunately our plans fell through and neither one of us were able to make it.

Lucky for us, and all of you, Little City has opened an online shop where you could purchase very reasonably priced prints! There's a couple I have my eye on, including one by fellow blogger and photographer, Yulanda Yee.

I remember in high school I tried my hand at photography and failed miserably. I couldn't understand the concept of good lighting or even how to develop film. As a result I really appreciate great photographs and are slowly working my way to building a good collection through out my home. I think Yulanda's piece (above) would be perfect in my office/ guest room.

::: Nathalie

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Miss Marc

If you read our blog regularly, you probably know how much Diana and I love Marc Jacobs and shopping. Since my shopping days are now limited to almost zilch (boo hoo) I haven't really stepped into a store, let alone Holts, until today. (I was getting a gift for my man, so it's not for me, therefore not qualifying as shopping...)

The below sign greeted me at the door only to taunt me. I wonder, is this the Jacobs by Marc Jacobs collection or is it just regularly priced Marc Jacobs stuff that they're making out to be special... Hmm... Do share dear readers if you end up getting anything.

Sorry there are no pictures to post of the clothes for I am weak and can't be trusted walking into Contemporary Casuals with a loaded debit card.

::: Nathalie

Friday, August 14, 2009

From "High End" to "Low Brow"?

When I was 14, Nathalie, my Mother and I went to a local department store armed with a $50 gift certificate. It was my Mom's, but she didn't want anything so she said I could use a small portion of it so she could pocket the change (ghetto, I know, but my mom totally rules).

Anyway, I picked up a Hard Candy eye shadow quad not really thinking about how much it cost. Well, it came up to $45 an my Mom nearly lost it, but she was too embarrased to say anything so she let me keep it. 15 minutes later, I slipped, dropped the eye shadow and it crumbled into a disappointing, metallic mess. Man, was she mad.

Despite being an adult with a full-time job, the memory of that totally messes with me. $45 is a lot of money for makeup, even now! With that said, I was really surpised to learn that Hard Candy is going to sell some of their nail polishes at Walmart. Considering how expensive their stuff was in the 90's, it kinda shocks me that they're going in that direction. However, it makes sense considering the current economic state. Truth is, I'll probably pick some up now that it's considerably cheaper. Word.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little City

If you're downtown Toronto, or surrounding area, come out for the Little City launch party tomorrow night, Aug 13th, at The Starving Artist, 584 Lansdowne Ave.
Diana and I will be there to support super talented photographer and fellow blogger, Yulanda Yee.
Prints will be available which I am very excited about. I'm always looking to add more art work from friends and local artists to my collection.

::: Nathalie

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gilt Fuse

Alright peeps, I'm sure you're all sick and tired of hearing me bitch about Gilt Groupe, but here we go again. They're launching a shiny new shop tomorrow - Gilt Fuse - that will focus on womens contemporary fashions. It'll be interesting to see how it will differ from the original Gilt site when the shop goes live for the first time tomorrow, Aug 12th, at noon.

Click here
- - if you need a Gilt Groupe invite. Happy shopping and please - share with us if you purchase anything! I would love to live vicariously through you.

::: Nathalie


So it's not fashion related but who doesn't love cupcakes!? I made these bad boys this past weekend for my family - fluffy chocolate cakes with butter cream icing and colorful sprinkles (proudly decorated by my man). Yum yum!

::: Nathalie

Nail Biting News

As Diana mentioned in the previous post, we've been neglecting our lovely blog due to acquiring iPhones. Sad, we know.

We have though continued doing our fashion/ beauty homework and have some updates for you.

This one is about our new found love for OPI's Nail Lacquer in My Chihuahua Bites - a bright pinkish orangeish color that suits every skin tone. I think it's from a previous collection but if you run into this colour, buy it. It's too awesome for words. Looking at my colorful toenails has now become the highlight of my work day.

::: Nathalie

Get Your Hairs Did Right

Good hairsprays are hard to find.

This month alone I've purchased hairsprays from Ojon, Tresemme, Sunsilk and Dove. The only one I kind of like is Ojon - guess it makes sense that it's the most expensive...

I know we should just do a beauty minute, but I still haven't figured out how to upload videos from my new iPhone. To be totally honest, I think we've just been lazy with the blog (sorry).

For years now, Nathalie and I have been reading about the wonders of L'Oreal's Elnett Satin Hairspray. Only available in Europe for years and recently sold in the United States, it was frustrating for us because it wasn't sold in Canada.

Imagine our excitement when we found out that it's being sold on home turf for the first time at Shoppers Drug Mart. It's selling for $14.99 and if the reviews are of any indication, I'm sure it's worth every penny. We both tried a bit in our hair, and the strands look shinier and healthier (no lie). We both bought full size bottles and we'll fill you in when we've got time to use it and see its full potential.


Friday, August 7, 2009

When magazines go on a diet

In fashion, there are few times when being thinner is considered a bad thing. You've probably already heard that Vogue's September issue will mark a huge reduction in ad pages.

Apparently, Conde Nast is showing a loss of roughly 5,000 ad pages this year, which translates to an astronomical loss. I've known that publishing in general has been hurting for a while. The publishing division of the company I work for has cut employee salaries by 20% and given them a 4 day work week (at least they have jobs, right?). Despite knowing this, I was still shocked to see that Conde Nast is offering a subscription to BOTH Vanity Fair and Vogue for $24 annually.

With that said, I'm looking forward to seeing the September Issue. Anna Wintour is known for her ridiculous spending, and I want to see it first hand. I kinda wonder how she's handling things now with her new budget...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keep your cool.

Breathe girls.
Don't freak out.

But Rodarte is doing a collection for Target.

Guess Nathalie and I are gonna have to go on a Christmas roadtrip. Guess I should go get my passport renewed now...