Friday, August 14, 2009

From "High End" to "Low Brow"?

When I was 14, Nathalie, my Mother and I went to a local department store armed with a $50 gift certificate. It was my Mom's, but she didn't want anything so she said I could use a small portion of it so she could pocket the change (ghetto, I know, but my mom totally rules).

Anyway, I picked up a Hard Candy eye shadow quad not really thinking about how much it cost. Well, it came up to $45 an my Mom nearly lost it, but she was too embarrased to say anything so she let me keep it. 15 minutes later, I slipped, dropped the eye shadow and it crumbled into a disappointing, metallic mess. Man, was she mad.

Despite being an adult with a full-time job, the memory of that totally messes with me. $45 is a lot of money for makeup, even now! With that said, I was really surpised to learn that Hard Candy is going to sell some of their nail polishes at Walmart. Considering how expensive their stuff was in the 90's, it kinda shocks me that they're going in that direction. However, it makes sense considering the current economic state. Truth is, I'll probably pick some up now that it's considerably cheaper. Word.


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  1. I remember paying $20 a bottle for this stuff back in high school!