Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blair's dress on Gossip Girl, 322

While Diana is obsessed with the upcoming Banana e-store, I'm obsessed with Blair Waldrof's dress on Gossip Girl's season finale, "Last Tango, Then Paris" (E. 322).

The dress is by New York designer, Sariah Carson, and you can find it in her Fall 2010 collection. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for this one!

But seriously, how good was the finale?! Season 4 needs to start NOW!

::: Nathalie

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bad Banana for Diana

Aw crap, Banana Republic et al. will have an eCommerce presence in Canada super soon. Like I didn't have enough problems with my online spending. Yikes.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: MBMJ Zippy Heart Tote

I got my Zippy Nylon Tote today and it SUCKS! I spent $25 on stupid customs only to return it.

My brother said "That's Marc Jacobs? It's like he's playing a joke on everyone."

Before knowing it was MBMJ, Amy said "Ooo! That bag looks cheap. Return it."
After I told her it's MBMJ, Amy said "Whaaat?! You can get something like that at Pacific Mall for $10!"

Marc by Marc Jacobs Zippy Heart Tote Review:
  • Thin cheap looking nylon.
  • Unlined.
  • No pockets
  • The cute little bobbles keeping falling to the bottom because the zipper doesn't secure it in place.
  • Thought the heart pouch was removable, but it's not. It only acts as a pouch to hold the nylon tote inside. Even then, it's hard to zip up.
  • Disappointing. My brother said it best: It's as if Marc is playing a mean trick on us.
For $168 USD girls, save your money and put it away for a rainy day. This one's going back.

::: Nathalie

Imitation Limitation

I've been lusting after a Mulberry bag for longer than I'd care to admit, particularly the Alexa model. Reality is I just don't have the cash to spend on it.

It makes complete sense that I was drawn to this blatant rip off from ASOS. It's made from 100% leather, costs just over $100 USD and looks like it could be well made, but I'm torn. Can I really buy something knowing fully well that it's a total copycat?


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Complain for a Happy Ending

This evening I came home to this box:

And inside were these:

And it didn't cost me a thing.

About a year ago, I purchased a pair of Michael Kors Flats. I loved them, but after a little while the seams at the bottom of the shoe began to unravel. I was annoyed and figured it was a loss, until Nathalie told me that I should contact MK customer service.

I sent them pictures of my damaged shoes and explained that I also have a Michael Kors bag that has ripped on more than one occasion. Luckily the bag was purchased as Holt Renfrew and they've been gracious enough to make the repairs necessary. However, my shoes were purchased on a random trip to NY. I maintained that I'm a huge fan of the MK brand, but can't continue to purchase his products unless I know that they take quality seriously.

I received a response a few days later from one of their customer service supervisors, who said that the shoe I purchased is no longer in production, but they'd send me a pair of equivalent value. Having worked in customer service during high school/university and now in eCommerce, I'm highly aware of how seriously people take these things. Well, good companies anyway.

Gotta give props where they're due - so Michael Kors, thanks for making my experience with you a pleasant one. We all know how crazy a scorned girl with a blog can be, and it's no much nicer writing a happy ending.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Emotional Shopping

MBMJ Zippy Heart Tote - the heart shaped leather pocket unzips to a pouch.

Sometimes I fall for a bag, or a pair of shoes or whatever for no apparent reason. That's how I feel about the Marc By Marc Jacobs Zippy Heart Tote.

I've been looking for it at Holts, but with their limited selection of cool shit, it's no wonder they don't have it. Shopbop is pretty good with their stock but we Canadians get slammed with duty taxes.

This is how I justified my new purchase:
I've been super stressed at work, I won't be getting the MBMJ Mousy Flats (Marc Jacobs shoes just don't fit my feet!), I have tote bag envy since Diana bought her MBMJ and I had a 15% off coupon at Shopbop that ends tonight.

So, I hit the checkout button on my iPhone.

I feel better now. Sorta. I'll feel much better once I get some sleep.

::: Nathalie

Shopbop Coupon Code: INTHEFAMILY15. I do believe the coupon ends tonight. It was a 2 day deal.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stencil Fun!

Stenciled my tote bag the other day. YAY! Check out the tutorial on the Lime Shop blog.

::: Nathalie