Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Emotional Shopping

MBMJ Zippy Heart Tote - the heart shaped leather pocket unzips to a pouch.

Sometimes I fall for a bag, or a pair of shoes or whatever for no apparent reason. That's how I feel about the Marc By Marc Jacobs Zippy Heart Tote.

I've been looking for it at Holts, but with their limited selection of cool shit, it's no wonder they don't have it. Shopbop is pretty good with their stock but we Canadians get slammed with duty taxes.

This is how I justified my new purchase:
I've been super stressed at work, I won't be getting the MBMJ Mousy Flats (Marc Jacobs shoes just don't fit my feet!), I have tote bag envy since Diana bought her MBMJ and I had a 15% off coupon at Shopbop that ends tonight.

So, I hit the checkout button on my iPhone.

I feel better now. Sorta. I'll feel much better once I get some sleep.

::: Nathalie

Shopbop Coupon Code: INTHEFAMILY15. I do believe the coupon ends tonight. It was a 2 day deal.

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