Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoe Score: D:2 N:1

Diana is the proud new mommy of DVF's.

Diana's man, Zach, canoodling her shoes.

Nathalie's next conquest: MBMJ's LOVE I FLATS from SSense

Diana and I have a sick habit of bragging about our conquests to each other. Shopping conquests that is. After 5 seasons of obsessively collecting the latest handbags, we've moved on to a new infatuation; shoes. (The Michael Kors' in our shoe collection don't count. We're talking fresh start.)

It started with my Miu Miu's. Then Diana got Tory Burch's. And in the meanwhile, we were both on the hunt for the perfect Gucci flats. I'm also saving for Marc Jacobs navy grosgrain mousey flats. (Diana thinks mousey flats are lame. Whatever.)

The next shoe purchase would have been mine. But then, Diana emailed me pictures from her iPhone. She bought DVF's! Argh!

Diana's designer shoe collection: 2
Nathalie's designer shoe collection: 1

::: Nathalie (signing off with shoe envy)


  1. I like the mouse flats which isn't such a reach 'cause I like these shoes too:

    Anyway, I say that we do a shopping haul to doesn't-matter-where!

  2. are you kidding?!
    those are insane. you're messing with me right?

    how does saturday look for you? I want to go to anthropologie (for ideas). i doubt i'll go SHOPPING SHOPPING but i just want to get out and about and see what's going on.

    i should probably check with diana too...

  3. i have a car appt at 8:15 and i never know how long those last. after that, i'm free till around 5. it's mine and zach's anniversary.