Friday, April 23, 2010

Quitters Never Win (Unless They're Smokers)

My Dad was a smoker for many years. I have memories of driving around in our Toyota Tercel and him smoking with the window open and having the ashes drift into the back and into my hair. Gross, I know. You'd think I would've known better, but I started smoking when I was in first year university. Funny thing is I didn't even like it! I would often leave full packages of cigarettes on the subway vowing never to buy another pack because they made me nauseous. Over time I started smoking entire packs and eventually, I was actually addicted. Bummer.

I've tried to quit several times and actually managed for six months straight a little over a year ago. That was until I started a new job, got stressed, bummed a smoke from a coworker and the rest is history. When I really think about it, the thing I like most about smoking is talking to other smokers. It serves as an excellent excuse for a break and ask any smoker - we almost automatically have a bond.

My BF HATES CIGARETTES for all the obvious reasons. Probably because his Dad smoked too. Unlike me, he was never stupid enough to start. So, for our four year anniversary, he got me an electronic cigarette. Apparently they're not available in Canada because Health Canada is under the impression that people will end up suffering from nicotine poisoning or addition (hey, wait, aren't smokers already addicted???)

The e-cig is a pretty neat device. The individual stick consists of a rechargeable battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge filled with liquid nicotine. You simply press on the black button on the center, inhale and release. What comes out of your mouth looks just like cigarette smoke and you can get the liquid in any flavour you like (right now I have apple and kiwi). The silver case holds an additional battery, an additional atomizer and two cartridges filled with fluid.

It's awesome because I get to go outside with the smokers, but I'm not filling my lungs with crazy toxins. I'm pretty low-key so I try to make it look like I'm smoking a regular cig and most times I succeed. Other times I have to explain what it is and usually people are quite fascinated. Best part? I can smoke it indoors because it leaves absolutely no scent behind. I'm also satisfied afterward because I've ingested the nicotine I was craving. A little while ago, I smoked a real cigarette and found that it's not all that pleasant. I know this'll sound weird, but inhaling the real thing is really hot and pretty gross. With the e-cig, it's a fairly nice experience.

I know that there are less expensive models around, but this one is just under $200 with the liquids. I don't think I would've purchased this for myself (hello, shoes? purses?!)
However, I think it's a pretty awesome device and is worth trying for those serious about quitting.

Smoking the future,



  1. hmm sounds like a portable hookah bar!

  2. it's very much like that! it's pretty awesome.

  3. It would be sorta interesting to write these different companies so that you can try them all out...without spending $200 a pop!

  4. apparently there are youtube reviews who do exactly that! supposedly this is the best one.