Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SS10 Joe Fresh - Snoozefest

Hotpants at Joe Fresh SS10*

Well wasn't that interesting?
About a minute into the collection I thought, "Oh lord, how much longer?"

Here are my thoughts:
  • Too many sheers. Sheer tops, sheer dresses, tight dresses with sheer side panels, and even, sheer coats for men. Yes. A model sported a sheer white coat.
  • Underwear as outer wear. What?
  • Hot pants. In what universe will the Joe Fresh woman pick up a high waisted hotpant (with an exposed zipper) and think "This is great. I can wear this to the annual family picnic!" I wish I'd counted how many times this hotpant was featured on the runway. 5, 18, 22 times?
  • Ridiculously tall cartoon like hats. I'm reminded of Mister Men.
  • Clone male models all sporting the same dull short, button down shirt and cardigan combo. (Except for the above mentioned guy who's clearly a trendsetter.)
  • The return of clogs! Models looked short and almost stocky as they trotted down the runway in pastel colored clogs. (One poor girl was so revolted by her footwear she actually tripped.)
  • Stiff as card board fabrics. Did anyone else notice? Oh, except for maybe those hideous tutu like skirts at the end.
One piece did strike my fancy - a classic beige trench coat with cute folded pockets and big buttons. Sorry Joe but this collection is a snooze.

::: Nathalie and Mr. Chatterbox signing off.

PS - What was with the sheer knee-high socks?

*Photo source: Fashion magazine blogger on Twitter.

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