Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tips for your TIPS

In a facebook convo, Steph asked me if I thought there was a difference between high and low end nail polishes.

I'm not really sure what Nathalie (who is a crazy nail polish fiend) would say, but I'm of the opinion that it really depends on the brand.

For example, I really dislike MAC's nail polishes. I always find their colours to be very limited and the formula never stays as long as I'd like. Also, I find that it takes a very long time to dry. Considering that they retail for rougly $16 after taxes, I expect more.

I'm sure you've seen Sally Hansen nail polishes at your local drugstore. At the moment, I'm particularly fond of their Xtreme wear line, which is boasting some really fun colours. They cost around $4 after taxes and I find that I can go an entire week without any chipping, which is insane. On the downside, I find that some of their shades (like 'Blue Me Away'', pictured) tend to stain my nails (but that's really my fault for being too lazy to wear a base coat).

I know that Nathalie's a huge fan of essie nail polishes. The colour range is fairly good, and they come out with some interesting sets during the holidays. They are also moderately priced, and I find that the formula goes on easily, doesn't streak and dries quickly. Nathalie has complained on more than one occasion about being unable to find these nail polishes, but I see them fairly frequently at Trade Secrets and at the occasional Shopper's Drg Mart. essie nail polishes are usually $10 - $12, depending on where you pick them up.

On a quick note to end this post, I gotta say in general OPI makes great nail polishes. However, the polishes they've done for Sephora are inferior in quality.


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