Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Distaste: Gilt Groupe

I've always been very happy with Gilt Groupe but as of today, that changed. I live in Oakville, Ontario and purchase items with my Canadian Mastercard and have orders shipped to my uncles house in the States.

Earlier today I proceeded to checkout with 2 items in my shopping cart, Marc Jacobs trousers for $39 USD and a Trovata buttoned down shirt, $29 USD - birthday presents for my husband. Instead of "Thank you for your order" I get a nasty message saying my order has declined, something about a problem with my shipping address. I'm frantic now about loosing $39 Marc Jacobs trousers so I keep hitting SUBMIT ORDER over and over again. The nasty message gets more detailed and says the address on my credit card doesn't match with my shipping address.

Outraged I dialed the 1-877 number and spoke to a customer service rep that explained I was lucky enough to have made Gilt purchases in the past. Apparently their system was supposed to prohibit international credit cards. Long story short, a few of us got through, Gilt caught on and has now heightened their security. It is completely outrageous to cut of your services to those with international credit cards!

And really, did they have to do it now with all of their crazy final sales going on? Couldn't they have waited another week?! Bastards!!!

::: Nathalie


  1. BOO to that! At least you managed to get some goodies in the past?

    PS. Just so you know, I could make out the mailing address when I enlarged the picture. It's very faint, but I could read it if I try hard enough! I'm assuming you tried to block it out!

  2. Shoot! Thanks for letting me know. I'll have to fix that!