Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lagerfeld And The Recessionista

Fashion mastermind Karl Lagerfeld discusses his latest couture show and his take on the recession in this April's Harper's Bazaar.

"It's healthy. I see the recession as a cleansing tool which will push away bad taste and all this bling bling."

I'm sure a lot of fashionista's haven't quit their shopping ways, but are more conscientious of making the right purchase. "Investment pieces" if you will. In the last few months I certainly haven't been spending as frivolously as in the past. (Sure there have been a few but that's what return policies are for.) Before making such an investment, I think of my fundamental questions - how much wear will I get out of it, can I dress it up or dress it down, is the price really worth it, how many seasons will I get out of it before it needs to be stored away, will it enhance my wardrobe or will I have to buy other pieces to make it work and finally, do I really love it? The latter is really important because when you look at that yellow leather Kate Spade clutch purchased 5 years prior, it'll still make you smile and you'll always find a reason to wear it.

I wish half the ladies in my office followed Lagerfeld's advice. I'll tell you, working at the head office of a major coffee franchise is not a very fashionable place. I wonder if I could sneak some of Lagerfeld's wisdom in the next company newsletter. Wouldn't that be a riot?!

::: Nathalie


  1. I think I am the biggest abuser of the lax return policy of some stores. :S

  2. Perhaps you and I are tied when it comes to return policy abuse. : P

  3. I don't think we can top my friend though. She was doing so much purchasing & returning that her credit card company called her and asked what was up!