Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Cosmetic Gods Have Forsaken Me

Like a lot of Asian girls, I have stick straight eyelashes that require a lot of effort to curl. The slightest hint of humidity or rain makes them droop. It's really difficult to find products that ensure that my lashes stay curled looking all day long - so when I find something that works, I really stick to it.

For almost 9 years I've used L'Oreal's Le Grand Curl. I had the same tube for 4 months (I know, bad girl) and earlier this month I went to buy a new one. To my surprise my local drugstore didn't have it. I went to several others and they didn't have it either. One of the cosmeticians at Shopper's Drug Mart told me it was discontinued and I almost lost my marbles. Not only was it cheap but it was effective in helping me look like I actually have decent eyelashes. I've tried every brand from Dior to Maybelline and nothing holds a candle to this stuff. I recently purchased MAC's Opulash ($16 CAD) and while it's sufficient, it takes a lot of manipulation with my eyelash curler to achieve what was extremely easy with Le Grand Curl.

So yeah, I'm pretty bummed out. If you've got any tips on a good mascara that holds curl to stick straight lashes, please let me know.

With droopy lashes,



  1. ya, of course. it's alright, but not great.

  2. You're right! I just opened up a Voluminous and it isn't as great as I remembered... :(