Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Anthropologie, Don Mills. (Ick, what happened to my camera setting?)

I made the hike to Don Mills this past weekend, along with my friend Amy and my mum, to check out Anthropologie. I've been to this store in the States and didn't care too much for it, mainly because it's over priced, but it was so much more exciting when it's in our own backyard.


The store is generous in size with a great selection of uber feminine clothes, housewares and books. I was surprised to see names there like Tibi, Foley + Corinna and Sunner. I wanted to buy everything I took with me to the fitting room but then opted for balck batwing shirt that was on sale for $40. Better than nothing...

::: Nathalie

PS - Anyone notice Shopbop got a makeover last week. It's so much better now!


  1. I have that budding romance skirt that you tried on in your first photo. I love it! how did you like it? If you're starting to feel the anthro bug..you may like my blog as well..


  2. The skirt was gorgeous and on sale - for $175! With that being said, I had to pass. : /

    Cute blog!

  3. omg made my day