Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CNTM Winner

Congrats to Canada's Next Top Model winner, Meaghan Waller from Winnipeg. I think she's adorable in a very non-annoying way so I was rooting for her. (Plus, she really learned how to style herself towards the later episodes.)


  1. Meaghan was my favourite from the beginning. I loved her style towards the end of the cycle as well, however I was disappointed with her behaviour in the last episode (re: Maryam).

  2. You're right. Her and Nikita were unnecessarily acting like big jerks towards her.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. Yay Megan! I think she did great on the cover try and I also just love her particular "look". Could easily pass in the Chanel campaign Lagerfeld took at his Vermont home.

  4. I detest that poor photo of her. She looks like shes wincing in pain, they could've chosen a better one of her for her reveal!

  5. Reply to lai-mai:
    The Fashion cover shoot was gorgeous! I can't wait to get that issue in my mailbox next month!

  6. Reply to Anonymous:
    I thought that b/c that shot went so poorly that Linsay would have won. Guess not!