Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Clothing Show

Lisa and Shannon, Chula Jewelry

Yesterday marked the opening day of the The Clothing Show. Diana and I stopped by to check it out.

First stop - Chula Jewelry. It only took a quick glance before Diana, Erika, and I instantly fell for their unique, show stopping pieces. Diana picked up mixed metal silver and brass long stranded leaf necklace, Erika walked away with beautiful long silver necklace with turquoise beads dripping down, and I got a gorgeous brass medallion bracelet. Chula designers, Shannon and Tanya Cure's collection reminds us of a cross between Elizabeth + James and House of Harlow 1960. Chula does not have an online shop, but you can find their pieces in Toronto at: Set Me Free, Five O Seven, Leigh & Harlow, Girl Friday and Red Pegasus.

Next up - Dara Dot Designs. We saw enough variations of it at the show, but it was Dara's take on the bamboo scarf that stopped us in our tracks. Made from long strips of organic bamboo, she adorns the scarf with metal links and coconut shells. With a special $15 price point at TCS, how could we say no? Dara's accessories can be found on her Etsy shop or, she'll be at the One Of A Kind Show later this year.

::: Nathalie and Diana

*Thanks to Dara, Lisa and Shannon for taking the time to chat with us.


  1. I was planning to go to this, but now I'm too lazy to trek downtown. Plus it's raining!

  2. Aside from these two vendors and a couple of others, it wasn't that great...

  3. The Chula Collection is the only reason I stop by the clothing show each year. They always have great original, vintage inspired Jewelry. I continually get compliments on the pieces I wear from this collection.