Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good things in life are never free

Diane Von Furstenburg recently worked with Holts for their 'free canvas bag giveaway with the minimum purchase of $500' promotion, going on this weekend. We contacted Holts corporate for a bag to blog about it. This is the response we got:

Thank-you for your interest in Holt Renfrew! I have attached an image of the bag that you are able to use for your blog post - we would love to see the link. We hope you will both be able to visit Holt Renfrew this weekend!

Really? Let's see: the bag probably cost $5 to produce. (Though DVF was probably paid nicely...) Holts also
promotes bloggers, but apparently only once they've made it big.

So here's the thing: what's a few dollars in the grander scheme of things when we're talking about brand loyalty? We shop at Holt's a fair bit and will probably continue to do so. However, you really have to wonder just how much your favourite brand loves you back when you're not worth a canvas bag, y'know?

::: Nathalie & Diana

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