Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I started this post searching for a picture of the Vena Cava Sheer Text Blouse, which I purchased off this past Friday. (Man, technology and shopping addictions are so wicked when you can shop online via your iPhone in a moving vehicle, 2 1/2 hours from your home. Love it!) I cannot wait to get this blouse!!!

Anyway, I was searching for jpegs of the shirt when Google Images directed me to - an L.A. based store founded by actor Danny Masterson and his stylist friend Ilaria Urbinati. What a neat little shop they have and WHO KNEW Danny Masterson has an interest in clothing. Check out the shop, it has neat labels like A.L.C., Vena Cava, Kova & T, Marc Jacobs, Modern Vintage, Phi, Earnest Sewn, Current/ Elliot, Steven Allen, Alexander Wang, Tom Ford, Rag & Bone - who apparently designs the staff uniforms each season, and many more designers. My shopping is limited right now but I wonder, do they ship to Canada?

::: Nathalie

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