Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bag Lust

Even if the recession is over according to the media, I'm still crazy ass broke. I saw a financial planner the other day who pretty much told me that if I want to meet my goals, I gotta earn more money simmer down on the spending. Standard advice, I know, but it still hurt. WAAAA.

What hurts more is knowing that I can't afford this delicious Alexander Wang bag right now. The closest I'm gonna get to it is via a JPG on my desktop. WAAAA.

I'd post an image, but I'm at work and for some reason my computer hates my guts.

P.S. For Canadians who have a penchant for 'luxury' online shopping but hate the customs and fees that come with shopping in American sites, here's a tip: Visit SSENSE. They're based in Montreal and have great shipping rates.


1 comment:

  1. I think there are fake AW bags on eBay. So be that a warning or a suggestion?

    Btw, I think even the real ones are made in China.