Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why I Hate My BFF (Volume 1)

Ok, so I don't REALLY hate Nathalie, but I have issues.

I've struggled with my weight and am currently the reigning queen of yo-yo dieting, while Nathalie has effortlessly remained a size 2.

While we're only a year apart, it seems that she's transitioned into being an adult much easier than I.

But these things don't really bother me. What drives me crazy is her ability to overshadow me with accessories or clothing, no matter the occasion.

A few weeks ago, I acquired the delicious pink Michael Kors watch pictured on your right. I drooled, Nathalie drooled, even her husband Geoff drooled. All in all I felt pretty good. Today we took a trip to Holts (where I was accosted by a sales attendant, but that's another story for another day). Nathalie returned a Christmas present and traded it in for the gold Michael Kors watch pictured under my pink one. WAAAAA. So much nicer than my watch and I really wanted it too! WAAAAA!

Good thing we're BFF and they gave her extra links for her watch, cause you know I'm gonna be stealing this baby for a borrowing session one of these days.

Peace Out.

Admittedly Jealous,

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