Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Distaste: Cross border shopping taxes and Nordstrom sales people

I previously posted about my missed opportunity on the See by Chloe Rise & Shine cross body bag. Determined to find it, I picked up the phone and started calling Nordstroms in the Michigan area where I eventually stumbled across a seemingly helpful salesperson at Twelve Oaks Mall, who located one for me.

Since Diana and I have sorta become experts on cross border shopping, and on which shipping methods incur the least customs and duty taxes, I requested the bag be shipped a certain way.

Unfortunately, the Nordstrom sales person didn't listen.

A yellow UPS notice waited for me at the door the next day, with a Brokerage C.O.D charge of $165.71!!!!! What?! Was the decimal point put in the wrong place? How could this be? $165 is nearly $200! Why?

Well, there was no way I was paying $165.71 on customs and taxes! INSANITY!
I had to decline the package.

Annoyed at the sales person for not having listened, I called Nordstrom. Her manager nonchalantly told me they'd refund the bag and the shipping, upon receiving it back. Not much of a consolation for me, I really wanted this bag! (These sales people should know how women are with handbags. It's our lively hood.)

Well, I got my refund yesterday but I'm still pissed. While Nordstrom messed up, it's insane that Canadians are treated unfairly with absurd taxes. Our countries are so similar, and so close, I just don't see why it's necessary.

::: Nathalie


  1. I hate couriers. If the only option for shipping is by UPS/FedEx, most likely, I won't purchase the item OR ask specifically for the item to be sent via USPS.

    If the price tag was attached, the Canadian government will tax you on that amount!

  2. Ugh I know. Mothereffing Canadian government!

    During the summer time Diana and I went shopping in Buffalo with our mums on a weekday. On our way back home, the officers asked how much we spent, which was probably $200-300 between all of us. Since they didn't believe that 4 women would go across the border and spend so little, they pulled us over and taxed us GST & PST on everything. ARGH!