Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cheap Thrills

While Diana is a menace for luxury hair care, I could care less and would much rather do with what the drug store has to offer.

I went to Shoppers in search for a remedy to cure my frizzy, damaged, residue coated hair and came out with three products - Neutrogena's Anti- Residue Shampoo, Aveeno's new Conditioning Leave-In Treatment and Bal
éa's Deep Moisture Hair Mask.

Here the results for my hair type (long, thick, spilt ends, easily prone to frizz, wavy/ curly in nature):

Neutrogena's Anti- Residue Shampoo ($8.99)

- It really worked. My hair was so clean and shiny after - like new!
- Great price point and since it's only supposed to used once a week, I could see it lasting a year.
- Frizz free hair! Product build up must have accounted for my former frizzy mane.
- My hair was so easy to manage after. Using the flat iron was a breeze.
- Highly recommend. This will become a staple item in my hair care routine.

- Odd detergenty like scent that lingers. I could smell it on my hair the morning after my wash.

Aveeno's new Conditioning Leave-In Treatment ($8.99)
- A little goes a long way (and I have a lot of hair).
- Spray pump design that's easy to distribute through out the hair.
- Makes hair so much easier to comb when it's wet.
- Pleasant clean scent that's not over powering.
- Highly recommend and would buy again.

Cons: None.

Baléa's Deep Moisture Hair Mask, exclusive to Shoppers ($3.99)

- Ridiculously cheap price point.
- Leaves hair frizz free and easy to manage, even when I let my hair air dry - my typically frizzy locks turn into soft waves.

- I like my conditioners to feel like conditioner in the shower. Do you know what I mean? That coat that goes over your hair and instantly makes it softer? Well this doesn't do that. It seems to disappear in my hair and as a result, I end up using more product than I probably should.
- Haven't developed high faith in this product. Would only buy this product again if I was short on cash.

::: Nathalie

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  1. I saw the Neutrogena shampoo, 942ml bottle, @ Costco for $9.99 - if it's something that you buy frequently.

    I think the Aveeno was also there.