Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Gluttony That Ensued

I've been a bad, bad girl.

Have you ever seen the movie Julie and Julia? If not, we highly recommend it. However, I would advise dieters to be careful, because watching it made me go WAY over the 1500 calories I'm supposed to eat a day.

Nathalie had me over for dinner tonight (because a good bff always feeds a bff). We had pasta and lemon drizzle cake. Here's the thing, when people say 'cake' they usually mean a slice (or two if you're being bad). We took bad to an entirely new level and ate an entire cake between the both of us.

Now our breathing is labored and Nathalie's threatening to vomit lemon.
It's a good thing that I'm wearing a skirt, because if I was wearing pants I'm pretty sure I wouldn't fit in them.

With a heavy heart (and body),


  1. That's not that bad 'cause it's ONE night. What would be uber-bad is if you copied Julie and decided to do what she did, i.e. cook each meal with tablespoons full of BUTTER!

  2. I know but it's still bad. Seriously - when I told my father, he was pretty grossed out and said "What, do you want to be this wide?" and motioned his arms as far as possible from each side of his waist. Bah!