Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scent of a Weirdo

When I smell a perfume I really like, I have all the symptoms of having a stroke. Scents have the ability to transport me to places I've never been and make me happier than I'm usually capable. About 2 weeks ago, I purchased the Tocca fragrance at Anthroplogie. It's a nice, clean fragrance but it wasn't the one I've been dreaming of.

I smelled the pictured perfume from Jacob almost a year and a half ago, but never purchased it. Every time I would enter the store, I would sample it and think how fabulous it was. I finally caved and bought it today. It's $30 for 30ml, which is decent. I wish I was one of those people who could talk about perfume like a pro, but I'm not. So I'm gonna lift from a Jacob PR doc that describes this scent:

"A cosmopolitan mélange of earthy delights, it was created in Provence by Jean-Marie Santantoni, an international perfumer from the prestigious house of Charabot who has created some of the world's most renowned fragrances."

My take?
It reminds me of a day years ago when my boyfriend and I were sitting on a bench, drinking coffee, both reading. It was kind of cold out and he leaned over and said "You're really weird and I really like you."

In short - it smells like awesome, happy times.



  1. Perfume-wise, I can either buy something right away - the last one was Pacifica's HAWAIIAN RUBY GUAVA or take months, if not years to decide! More often, it's the latter 'cause perfumes can get expensive, esp. if you never finish the bottle...

  2. oooh pacifica perfumes are so nice. i tried some at whole foods a while ago. they were almost 40 bucks and i was broke, so i had to pass at the time.