Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Can't Spare The Moisture

This weekend: went to Ikea with Nathalie to pick up new furniture, watched 1/4 of Le Divorce, picked up my Dad at the airport, cleaned my room like a crazy lady, slept too little, ate too much, watched Shutter Island and The Vanishing (Dutch, not American) with the BF, and thought about which lip balm is my favourite.

I used to love lip gloss, but these days I just can't be bothered. The dry, winter air makes my entire face feel so tight, and all I want is moisture, moisture, moisture.

There are times I want colour, and that's when I turn to Korres Lip Butter. It's $13 bucks and gives me a tint that lasts for a decent amount of time. Best of all, it keeps my lips feeling hydrated. I use the shade Quince (a medium pink shade that I'm sure would look great on all skin tones). In the past I purchased Wild Rose (too red for my liking, imagine it would look great on fair skin) and Mango (slightly orange, completely beautiful!).

Every morning, I use Vichy Lipdiose Lip Balm. I'm also a big fan of Rosebud Salve (the name of which had my friend Chris and his BF in hysterics for like an hour) and Kiehl's. I like Vichy more because using my fingers to apply balm makes me feel unhygienic. Also, I usually find myself realizing I need lip balm when I'm driving, making the stick form essential. Gotta warn you, the Vichy is kinda pricey at $16 (purchased at Shopper's Drug Mart). Totally worth it though.

What are your lip balm recommends?

While cleaning, I found a card from Nathalie that said "Happy 19th birthday! Can you believe it?! Next thing you know, we'll be 30." Ugh.

Need my sleep (cause I'm getting old),


  1. How's Kiehl's? Is it overrated?

    Carmex is 'safe' and Burt's Bees is pretty good too, but I don't like the honey scented BB. It's waaay too strong!

    I had the mint C.O. Bigelow Mentha stuff from BBW and I remember really liking the flavour of it.

    Nothing really stands out though.

  2. nah, kiehl's lives up to the hype. my mom uses it religiously and she has the driest skin EVER. if you go to the counter at holts, they'll give you a sample. they're pretty nice there.

    nathalie loves burt's, but i don't think it's emollient 'nuff.

  3. Diana lies. I was a fan of BB, but haven't been in a long time. I now only stick to Rosebud Salve.

    She got me hooked on Kiehl's YEARS ago and I'd buy it again, but Rosebud lasts forever so, there hasn't been a need to buy lip balm in a while.


  4. Re: Holts. Really? 'Cause the last time I went, the girl was a bitch AND I bought something too! Maybe it's just that I'm not a 'regular'.

    Call me the next time you go and we'll test it out!

  5. you just gotta act like they mean nothing to you, and they'll try harder to impress. and omg, it's retail. i don't understand why anyone thinks they can treat customers like that.

    i'll hollar atcha.