Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ugly Carpets, Masculine Shoes

Saturday: Nathalie and I bought materials for the friendship bracelets sold on our Etsy site, got produce in Kensington, and we both purchased Clark's shoes.

It's kinda funny and mean that I got desert boots, since Nathalie was the one obsessing over them. They didn't have her size, so boo hoo and I win. They're pretty comfortable, but I find that they dig into the back of my ankles which sucks (probably just have to break 'em in). I've been pairing them with floral dresses and cardigans and pencil skirts with baggy sweaters.

I work in the suburbs (lame), so I'm not really surprised at the reaction I'm getting to my new footwear. Some people are nostalgic, while others are confused as to why I'm wearing 'butch' shoes (ha!). Whatevs, I dig and that's all that matters.

The crappy picture was taken in my cubicle. I'm pretty sure one of my coworkers saw me taking it, but didn't want to ask what I was doing. It's ok, they think I'm weird anyway.

Gonna be late for work (again),


  1. Does Nathalie happen to be a size 40EU? I have a pair of Gap Design Editions heeled desert boots up on eBay!

    Lemme know if she is...

  2. um, isn't that like a size 10 american?
    nathalie's got tiny size 6 feets.

  3. Np. I think 10EU is like 9.5US women's. Oh well, someone else will hopefully bid!

    Okay, I'll store away Nathalie's size for future reference. D, you're a 7.5/8, right?

  4. more like 8-8.5

    you got recommends for good, comfy, nice flats for wide-ish feet?

    tory burch hurts. michael kors murders. i hear MJ's mean to feet too.