Wednesday, March 24, 2010

With A Little Love

I got my Little City order yesterday of Yulanda Yee's Cinnamon Hearts.

I remember instantly falling for the simplicity of this photograph. Yulanda always had a way of capturing inanimate objects and making them absolutely beautiful by breathing life into them.

Anyway, I'd intended on buying this piece when Yulanda was still with us and it broke my heart to purchase them the day after she passed.

The Little City folks okay'ed it with her family first, and once approved, I was notified and told that proceeds would go to the Lymphoma Foundation of Canada.

I bought 2 pieces, one for myself and one for Diana, who had known Yulanda for years from their younger blogger days.

I'm glad to have this piece to always remember her by. Even if, I don't think I could forget her. She was an amazing, talented, good person. I miss our dear friend a lot.

::: Nathalie


  1. Hello,

    I'm Yulanda's boyfriend and I just wanted to thank you for this post and the one from earlier in February.

    I'm so glad that you two have something of hers to hold on to and I hope that you can remember the good times. While I had no part in her composition of this picture, I found a stray cinnamon heart in her room a few weeks ago and instantly thought of this shot.

    With my head not really being in the right place for awhile, I haven't gotten around to thanking all the people that posted comments and condolences upon her passing.

    It is as you said, she was an incredible person and not a moment goes by that I don't think of her. I just wanted to say thank you again for helping to keep her memory alive and appreciating what she contributed.


  2. Hi Wayne -

    It's so nice to meet you and I'm sad it has to be on this circumstance. My heart goes out to you and the Yee's.

    Diana and I actually met you briefly at the funeral. I'm sorry I couldn't compose a single word to anyone. It was an incredibly emotional day for all of us there.

    You know something though? That day, we got together with a mutual friend who we hadn't seen in 4 years. We went to pay our respects and say good-bye, and on the car ride back to Toronto, we shared some fun memories and laughed and cried together. I know Yulanda would have wanted to see her friends come together.

    This is always a very emotional and difficult topic for me to discuss. I still have such a hard time accepting the reality. I was also sad to see her blog taken down. It was comforting to know it was there and look through her beautiful pictures and read her past entries.

    If you ever need anything, we're here.

    Take care of yourself.


  3. Yes, it's really sad that I'm meeting all these wonderful people under such terrible circumstances.

    Yulanda never shared too much of her online life with us...maybe because she didn't think we were interested perhaps.

    I was a bit of a mess that day so it's perfectly ok that we never made proper introductions. I'm glad you were able to reconnect with your friend. I've found myself reaching out to people that I haven't spoken to in years as well.

    This whole thing has been really difficult on many people...especially her family. Sometimes I forget that she's gone and then it hits me again. I miss her. We're all still amazed at how far she reached people though. I don't think she even knew.

    I'm a little distressed at what you said about her blog should still be up. Some things aren't working so well (like tags) but I've still been able to pull up the blog itself. Unfortunately, some of these issues are a little over my head. I think her brother is working on a longer term solution but for the present, it should still exist as she left it. I'll probably need to grab someone else more technically competent to look at it.

    Thank you...and yes I'll try to keep it together.


  4. wayne,

    i think i know why her blog's down. about a year ago, she mentioned that some people linked her site on a msg board and that so many people were visiting that she went over her monthly bandwidth.

    she had to contact her server and pay extra to get the site back up for the remainder of the month.

    it'll probably be back to normal in april.

    like nathalie said, if you need anything we're here.