Monday, March 15, 2010

Nail Wars: Liberty of London for MAC & American Apparel

I was very excited when I heard about the Give Me Liberty of London MAC collection a few months back. The time has come and the collection debuted last week. The colours are lovely - vivid, but with a relaxed feel. I wanted to buy the whole lot, but responsible adults don't spend their paycheques on cosmetics now do they?

I opted for both the Nail Lacquers, Vestral White and Blue India. I've never cared for white nails but I instantly fell for this one. I was a bit fearful it'd resemble white out, but I don't believe it does and I did get some compliments. While Diana always vocalizes her distaste for MAC nail polish, I rather like it. My favorite long-wear formula is still Essie (in my opinion, nothing compares), but as long as MAC keeps pumping out awesome colours, I'll continue to buy them.

On another nail polish related note, Diana blogged about American Apparel's collection back in December. Turns out the first run of bottles were prone to breaking, therefore anyone who bought the first run can go back to AA and get a 2 for 1 replacement deal. Not too shabby.

Since Diana had bought 5 bottles, she was looking forward to collecting an extra 5 new colours. But once in the store, she was told her 2nd bottle had to be the same colour as the first. LAME.

Three of her colours were replaced with a second of the same. Her fourth colour, Office, wasn't available so they left her get 2 different ones, Berries and Passport Blue. The fifth colour, Factory Grey, also wasn't available, but she kept the original bottle because she really likes this one. She walked in with 5 bottles and walked out with 9. It's a plus for me since I get to inherit her repeats.

::: Nathalie (and Diana)

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