Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bent out of shape

There was a time when I thought wearing a bra that made me ooze from the sides was normal. Luckily, when Nathalie got married last year, she made me get a professional fitting at Inside Story so I would look proper in my bridesmaid dress.


1. I was actually wearing a bra that was TWO CUP SIZES TOO SMALL. No wonder I had the dreaded 'four boob' syndrome.
2. Initially, I was a little wary of spending over $150 on a bra, but it's well worth it. The stuff I was buying for $40-50 was always poorly made and ill fit. Also, I have larger breasts, so everything in my size range was just hideous. The stuff at specialty shops usually comes from Europe, and is much nicer.
3. Like some women, I was a touch apprehensive about the idea of someone seeing me in just a bra. Turns out it's no big deal. They're trained professionals after all, not perverts.

No pictures, because that'd be weird.
So yes, ladies, don't skimp on the undergarments. Your boobies will thank you.



  1. aw - i'm really glad to hear that.

  2. I have always had trouble finding a nice bra in my odd size, and I found a lot of friends are wearing the wrong size because they feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or frustrated shopping for a bra. You don't have to spend $150 on a wonderful bra, and spending $150 will not guarantee wonderfulness. You just have to patiently try on bras until you find the right ones. You don't have to get anyone to help you if you don't want to, but a lot of nice department stores have these old ladies working there who know their shit and can change your life.

  3. oh, i absolutely agree - $150 won't always buy you a good bra.

    i'm a F cup, so finding a good bra is pretty much close to impossible. and the only good ones i have found, have been in that price range.