Monday, May 4, 2009

Designer Compliments Thrift

Boyfriend Blazer: Wilfred. Black tank: Target (not shown). Red and pink houndstooth skirt: Joe Fresh. Black leather belt: Gap (not shown). Leather sandals: Nine West. Red leather satchel: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This afternoon, a coworker and I were chatting about her $1,500 Louis Vuitton bag. I told her how I toyed with the idea of buying the Stephen Sprouse version of her bag for a hair-line-fracture-of-a-second, but ultimately felt that at this stage of my life, I wouldn't be comfortable sporting a Louis V bag. I'd be petrified that people would take one look at me and think "Fake bag much?". (The reality is I can't fathom spending a months mortgage payment on a purse.) My 40-something year old coworker responded with "You could pull it off! You dress well, everything you wear is expensive!" (Thanks Marcia.)

While I have my fair share of (mainly discounted) designer pieces, I always mix designer with thrifty finds. My generation is a lot more creative with mixing price brackets and pulling off amazing looks. We do with what we have and we're darn good at it. After all, I had Marcia fooled with my $14 skirt.

::: Nathalie


  1. My mom & I recently had a conversation about people carrying designer bags. We agreed that if someone dresses like a slob, we'd would automatically think it's fake even if they're dressed head-to-toe in designer duds. If someone looks pulled together, the bag could be fake but we'd think it's real anyway. Looking polished can make someone look expensive and I don't think it's necessarily about mixing designer with thrifty finds.

    Afterall, your last three outfit posts have all been mall store finds (correct me if I'm wrong), save for the bag, and you look amazing in each outfit. I agree with Marcia that you could pull off the LV bag. :)

  2. You're right - it's easy to be deceived by a knock off depending on who's wearing it. Remember that episode of Sex and The City where Samantha buys the fake Fendi and wears it to the Playboy mansion? When it got stolen she accused the Bunny, carrying the same bag, of stealing it. Turned out the Bunny's bag was real. Yikes.

    And yes, I could save for the bag, but really want bamboo floors in my house. Have you seen the carpets in this place? Maroon and deep blue -Ick! What were the previous owners thinking?!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence btw. : )


  3. Really, it's true. If you're young, and you carry an LV, most everyone will just assume that its' fake and you're a sorority girl into labels she doesn't really understand.

    Unless, maybe, it's the Sofia Coppolla line for LV- if I had the money I would own every piece of that in a heartbeat.

  4. Reply to Lauren:

    When Diana and I were at Toronto Fashion Week - there was this girl in front of us, probably about my age (28), with a Louis bag. I whispered to Diana, "You think it's fake?" There we were at Fashion Week, wondering if someone would dare sport a knock off! I guess that stigma comes from age as well as overall appearance.

    And yes I agree - Sofia's designs for LV are so beautiful! The shoes, the bags, they're so classic. A girl can only dream.

    ::: Nathalie

  5. Your bag is amazing!!! I love your outfit a lot!! <3

  6. Reply to Fashionology:

    Thank you. : )