Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Courtesy of Gilt Groupe


Quick recap on my previous Gilt Groupe post:
  • I was notified that I could return the complimentary shoes they had sent me when the wrong size was shipped. 
  • More credit was added towards a future purchase. 
I had the most amazing streak of good luck this afternoon when the return on the shoes was processed during today's sale. This is how if played out. 

11: 58 am: Logged into my account. Shoe refund had yet to be processed. Had $158 to spend.

12:00 pm: Bee-lined directly towards the MBMJ sale. 

12: 10 pm: First purchase -  a gorgeous red MBMJ dress. It's prefect for work with a pale yellow cardi and can be dressed up and down. Love it! 

12:20 pm: So much to buy today! Emailed Gilt to ask when my shoe refund would be processed. 

12:45 pm: Shoe refund processed! Had another $120 to spend.

12:45 pm: Second purchase - a John Varvatos polo for my beloved husband. (I would have liked the black long sleeved polo but someone was holding it in their cart. Darn!)

12:46 pm: Focused my attention on red leather Delman flats. Hit the refresh button every second to get the last pair of size 7's. Some odd minutes later, I got them! (So long Tory Burch.)

12:51 pm: Late returning to work from my lunch hour. Oh well. Contemplated my recent subconscious fascination with the color red as I drove to the office.

Luckily Gilt offers free shipping when you buy within the hour, so I only paid for shipping once though I made three separate purchases. Total purchased: $240 with a $10 credit still in my account. 

I cannot wait until they open their shop to Canadian customers!

Thank you very much Gilt Groupe. : )

::: Nathalie

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