Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beachy Waves

This one's for Steph. A picture of my 'beachy waves'.

Promise I'll post a video eventually, but in the meantime here are my suggestions on how to achieve a similar hairstyle.

• Get a really good curling iron. I've bought DOZENS of curling irons and if they're cheap, they won't hold the curl and you've just wasted more money. My suggestion is to save for a hardcore one. Mine's a Babyliss Pro Curling Iron. Honestly, I've had it for over a year and I feel stupid for not buying one sooner. It holds the curl so well.
• Use the curling iron upside down and wrap your hair around the iron instead of wrapping the iron around you hair.
• Hairspray is essential. The better is it, the longer your curls will last. I've mentioned Ojon's Tunu Hairspray on more than one occasion. I've tried a lot of hairsprays and a lot just don't cut it. This one does.
• Run your fingers through your style after applying the hairspray to make it look more natural.

That's it for now. Promise I'll post a vid soon.

Doing my part for better hair everywhere,



  1. Do you hairspray before/after you've curled? And have you used any of those heat-protecting products, if so, do they work?

  2. NEVER hairspray before. ALWAYS after. my hairdresser told me to use leave-in conditioner and don't waste money on 'heat protecting products'. he says it does the job as well and costs less.

    my fav is aveno's: