Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fragrance Follies

Damn Marc Jacobs and his limited edition splash fragrances. I've been wearing his summer scent Rain for just over a year now. It's so good that I've been stopped in stores and cornered in hallways asking what perfume I wear.

But no, Marc can't keep making it. He had to release it two years in a row to tease us and now he's moved onto apple, biscotti and pomegranate splashes. Nice try, they're just not as good. Never will be.

In effort to look for a new scent that I love as much, I picked up this Vacation in a Bottle set from Michael Kors. Get this, these 7ml rollerballs were on sale at Shopper's Drug Mart for $20! Each of the fragrances was inspired by a tropical locale: Fiji, Capri, Hawaii and Bermuda. So far, Bermuda's my fav! It's light, feminine yet kind of exotic. Thing is, they all smell good and I'm sure they'd be great layered as well. And guess what, they're limited edition too. WTF. I guess it's just me. It sucks, because they really do smell amazing. Don't hesitate to pick 'em up if you see them around.

Destined to smell mediocre,


  1. Ooh that is a good deal! Plus I love that they come in rollerball form, I am clumsy when it comes to spraying (or spilling) on fragrance straight out of the bottle

  2. and they're great for putting in your purse!

  3. they do for about 3-4 hours, but stuff like that really depends on your individual body chem. i don't mind cause they're so small that they fit in my purse and are easy to re-apply.

    not gonna like, i still like marc's rain best tho.