Sunday, March 15, 2009

Barbie Loves Stila Paint Cans

Barbie is celebrating her 50th Birthday this year and Stila cosmetics has teamed up with Barbie to bring you four looks (paint cans) that will have you resembling your favorite iconic doll.

I couldn't help but to be excited when I saw my first ever Barbie featured on one of the paint cans. While I still have her (somewhere in my basement), she doesn't look nearly as good as she did in the 80's. The carelessness of my childhood led me to break off her head and loose her original attire - a long red shimmery gown with a gold neckline and red heels. Her original afro has been combed so many times that it now resembles a bird's nest. Heartbreaking really.

This doll holds a lot of sentimental value as not only was it my first doll, but my mum had purchased it while pregnant with me, convinced her first born would be a girl.

I'll be surprising my mum with this particular paint can. I think the earthy tones will suit her golden skin so nicely that she will look even better than my first Barbie did 28 years ago. Here's to you mum!

- Nathalie

*Stila's 1980 Foxy Barbie Paint Cans at Sephora, $56 CAD.

Originally Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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