Thursday, March 26, 2009

WTF, this works?

Last week I got sent home from work.

Not because I was inappropriately dressed. Not because I said something out of line to my boss. Not because I was watching porn at work (um, ew, I know - but supposedly people in another department at my office were yesterday. That's another story all together.) My boss insisted I go home because I was a snotty, repulsive mess.

I have this theory that people are getting sick because of the recession. They're all getting wicked stressed out, therefore their immune systems are beginning to fail them. 'What if I don't care about the recession?' you ask. Firstly, I'd say that's really naive. Then I'd tell you that you can still get germs from those who do. So I went home, propped my macbook on my stomach and caught up on my blog reading before going into a cold induced coma. But before I passed out, I took this stuff. My dad is this crazy health freak, and he's been trying to push this stuff down my throat for months. I took it three days in a row, and a little under a week later I was good as new (total overpromise, but I did feel unbelievably better). My boyfriend, who was foolish enough to come near me during my illness caught the disease. His cold lasted twice as long, and his immune system is way better than mine. So thanks OPCXtra for proving yet again that I'm superior to my significant other. Oh, and for cutting my cold time in half.


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