Sunday, March 15, 2009

dem hairs

i think i've got some job security, but that really doesn't matter. i know i need to chill out with my spending habits. one thing i've always kind of cheaped out on is my hair. just cause i go discount, doesn't mean i don't have a fab 'do. f'real. when i spend some time, these hairs look real nice.

i'm asian (this has a point i swear) - and asians tend to have naturally dark hair (duh, right?). i know this borders on sounding completely insane, but i think that my natural hair colour is unflattering to my skin tone. it makes my skin look patchy and is just plain un-awesome (not a word, i know, i know).

see the box on your upper left? l'oreal preference has a formula made especially for dark hair. it doesn't turn my hair that awful brassy orange that most poor souls with dark tresses suffer from when trying to go light at home. so if you're looking to lighten your naturally dark locks without the drama, try this stuff out. it works real nice.

* i do not work for l'oreal. this is not a paid advertisement. i like this stuff, seriously.
** however, if you're from l'oreal and wanna gimme some stuff, i'm so into it.
*** but, if the stuff sucks, i'm gonna say so - it's cause i roll like that.


Originally Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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