Thursday, March 12, 2009


when i was 16 - i had the most beautiful skin. it was blemish-free, smooth like a baby's bottom and the most wonderful shade of almond.

now i'm 27 and i've gotta admit that the skin's still ok, but years of avoiding a balanced diet, coupled with irregular sleeping patterns and the battle against nicotine haven't helped.

but now i can continue to eat poorly, stay up all night and smoke, smoke, smoke thanks to Korres Wild Rose Brightening Serum. ok - that's kind of a lie. what's true is this serum is incredible. i was looking ashy, tired and pretty crappy so i decided to go hardcore and start taking care of my skin. i bought this serum along with an almond oil day moisturizer from whole foods and this night cream from Boots No7 - which they are discontinuing in canada (boo!) anyway, the difference is totally noticable. i used to wear Mac's Studio Tech, but now i find that i can wear a light powder alone and my skin still looks fierce. ask nathalie - she's the one who was all 'omg, your skin looks good! i want my skin to look like that!'

being a budding beauty junkie, i also purchased Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder and Korres Lip Butter. to say that i'm becoming a little obsessed with Korres products in an understatment. hey, i'm making sure that the girls are sephora keep their jobs, right?


Oringinally posted: Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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