Monday, June 29, 2009

Back and Tanned

I'm back and browner than ever. Yay sun!

Stay tuned for purchases pics...

::: Nathalie

Whoops... Almost forgot the outfit: MBMJ Sunglasses. Handmade necklace. American Apparel sweatshirt. MBMJ Percy Handbag. H&M Leather belt. American Eagle shorts. Hoki gladiator jellies.  


  1. Welcome home Nats! Can't wait to see all of the honeymoon vacation photos :)

    Now on a scale of 1-10, how broke are you? Hehe, can we still have our Anthropologie date?

  2. Reply to lai-mai:

    Thanks Amy! Nice to be back.

    Considering my wallet stolen at the gym last night, I'd say I'm kinda broke. I had $300 USD in there (a delayed wedding gift from my aunt) that was going to go towards our new "bamboo floors fund" on the main level of the house. They took my beloved MBMJ wallet that contained all of my ID (including citizenship card) and my Opal earrings (a gift from another aunt). *Sigh. This bastard better get major karma coming at them!

    Why don't we go mid-July. It'll give me enough time to save for a new wallet. What do you think? Can you wait that long? : )

    PS - my honeymoon pics are kinda boring. Just beach shots. : /

    ::: Nathalie

  3. Wow you look so tanned cousin!! I signed up to eblogger just to post this comment ;)... I really want to visit you guys next year. I can't even remember the last time I saw you guys 10+ years ago I think.

  4. Response to ®aul:

    Hey cousin! Yeah, I'm trying to convince my brothers to come. I would love to go for a week and then to Miami again and eventually NYC. I only have 3 weeks holidays so it'll be careful planning.