Thursday, June 18, 2009

Changing Faces

I'm convinced that I'm being punished for not having acne as a teenager.

As of late, I've been breaking out randomly. I'm not talking about tiny pimples that can be covered with a touch of concealer. I'm referring to those painful eruptions that people from across the room couldn't ignore if they tried.

On our way to visit a friends' new apartment, my boyfriend thought it would be appropriate to peer pressure me into popping a pimple. He said that he had terrible skin in high school and that it would speed the process of healing. Desperate to reduce the size, I did - only to realize that it was a terrible mistake. I didn't think it was possible, but it got bigger.

Fueled by frustration, vanity and general lack of knowledge on how to rid of a pimple - I went to the local drug store. I picked up Clean & Clear's Advantage Acne Spot Treatment, which was roughly $11CDN at Shoppers Drug Mart. I hated the stuff. I felt like it burned my skin without making a visible difference. The pimple turned into an ugly, dry scab that made me even more self conscious. Since trying it, I've read/watched reviews, and it seems teenage girls on YouTube dig it. I find that so strange, because I really do think it's the worst stuff ever. Different strokes/folks I guess...

The next day, I went to Whole Foods desperately searching their skin care section for a solution. Too embarrassed to ask for help, I got Nathalie to ask a sales clerk where they keep their acne treatments. The sales clerk looked at her puzzled and said she didn't need it. Nathalie told her that it was for me. The sales clerk then walked up to me and stared straight at my skin misfortune. How humiliating. I'd probably be way more upset had she not recommended Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick. I'm a pretty big fan of their other products, so I shelled out $18 CDN for the stuff - steep for a pimple medication, I know. But it works! In a few days, the blemish was considerably smaller. Not gonna lie, there's a scar from popping (THANKS, ZACH) but I'm glad I found this stuff. Now, every time an unwelcome visitor pops up, I just roll this stuff over the area and it's gone pretty much overnight.



  1. At least the sales clerks here don't automatically start pointing out your skin issues like they do in Asia.

    I get scars even when I don't pop :(

  2. that's just mean! i wouldn't buy something from someone if they were picking out flaws...

    i get scars too sometimes when i don't pop. didn't happen when i was a teen. sigh.

  3. Me either. I never scarred as a teen. wtf.

  4. ooh you're the 2nd person who's recommended the Burt's Bees, I'll hafta try it out :) If it helps, they sell it at Walmart for $12.97!

  5. f'real?!
    thnx for the tip, gurrrl.