Thursday, June 11, 2009


Nathalie and I have a huge shopping problem and both have a credit card crippling weakness for Marc Jacobs.

I totally freaked out when I read that he's coming out with an affordable line called 'Jacob by Marc Jacobs'.

Now you can return to your regularly scheduled program.

P.S. I bought these yesterday:



  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure Jacobs by Marc Jacobs (for Marc by Marc Jacobs) is only available at a MBMJ store (or eBay where the prices are jacked up). This is the stuff that's listed under the "Special Items" on his website. In NYC, they have an entire store dedicated to the Jacobs stuff (I bought a few things when I was there last November).

    I want the animal necklaces though.. roadtrip anyone?

  2. Yulanda I love that you and I are doing the same research online at the same time. I just posted what you told Diana and then noticed your comment afterwards. Hilarious!

    Okay - don't judge me but I just called the store in Miami. (I have free long distance in North America.) They don't carry the Jacobs necklaces (sad i know) but they do carry the bathing suits and other pieces of clothes from the collection. They don't carry the MBMJ collection as it is mainly an MJ collection store, but... everything is 70% off right now meaning prices are comparable to MJBJ!

    ::: Nathalie

  3. Oh my god, Nathalie, you're too funny! I love that you called them -- nothing wrong with doing a bit of pre-travel research! :)