Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let The Sun Shine In

I bought them two weeks ago and then returned them out of guilt, though I loved them.

I was at Holts earlier this evening with Diana, getting her Toy Watch fixed. They were still there, calling my name. Since there is a designer sunglass sale going on, I'll be swinging by tomorrow, on my lunch hour to get my 25% off. It's a sign, they were meant for me. *sigh.

::: Nathalie


  1. Hij is echt mooi! Ik heb dezelfde maar dan in het rose! wit is echt heel cool!!! <3

  2. Reply to Fashionology:

    I saw the rose colored ones on Shopbop. They're so pretty!

    PS - I'll be in Miami next Saturday too. I can't wait!!!

    ::: Nathalie