Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hanky Panky

I was introduced to Hanky Panky last year, just in time for my wedding. One of the ladies at the local fine lingerie shop, Inside Story, picked out a pair for me - a pretty white lace thong that reads "I DO" in little rhinestones on the side. Typically I wouldn't go for that sort of thing but it was my wedding so...

No regrets on that purchase as they are the most comfortable pair of undies that I own. Better yet, the elastic isn't so snug against my hips that it gives the illusion of muffin top. (Come on ladies, we all get it from time to time.) Nothing better than a nice silhouette in comfy unds.

Moving on...

I was pumped when I saw the Hanky Panky/Essie set on Shopbop. Hesitant about charging anything these days, I rushed off to Holts, thinking they would definitely have them, but came out empty handed (from the Sherway location). I got on the phone with the owner of the Inside Story, who carry a great selection of Hanky Panky. She had never heard of this particular set before so she called her rep and immediately placed an order. This past Friday I went in to pick up the Ballet Slipper set (with a little discount for giving her the heads up - thanks Lida!) just in time for my much anticipated honeymoon.

If you haven't already, get yourself a pair of these. They're so comfy and so flattering you'll forget you're in a thong!

::: Nathalie


  1. I love hanky panky. And lucky you for getting the discount.

  2. Reply to Rachel:

    Thanks. They're really are the greatest undies aren't they? : )

    ::: Nathalie