Friday, June 26, 2009

Finding loopholes in the system

I used to work very close to an Urban Outfitters location in Toronto. Though I have my issues with the place, I find myself going there again and again. Now that I work in the suburbs, getting there is a pain - also, half the stuff I want falls under the 'online exclusive' category. As an avid online shopper, I was appalled when URBN changed their shipping rates. Originally, it was affordable then they switched it to $50 shipping to Canada, regardless of how much your order cost. More recently, they changed it to the following:

Shipping Rates to Canada
$0-$49.99 — add $25.00
$50-$99.99 — add $50.00
$100-$149.99 — add $60.00
$150+ — add $70.00

Still a little steep for my blood. I don't mind spending money for something I really want, but I do mind paying a ridiculous amount for shipping. I was complaining about this to a coworker, who informed me that you can have your order shipped to a store for $50 flat regardless of how much it is. I think I'm gonna wait till I want a ridiculous amount of stuff or gang up with Nathalie and take advantage of this.

I work in ecommerce and often see complaints from customers who hate paying for shipping. I attribute most of Amazon's success to the fact that their products are reasonably priced and shipping is dirt cheap. Considering the economic state, I don't get why URBN thought increasing their shipping was a good idea.

I'd start boycotting all together, but I'm weak. WEAK.



  1. Remember the good ol' days when spending $150 meant actual free shipping to Canada? sigh, those were the times.